Oud et Santal S.T Dupont

Oud et Santal S.T Dupont

Perfume Review – New Perfume 2012

      Oud and Santal are the two most prominent ingredients to make this scent glamorous and expensive looking. This is the newest line of fragrances by the famous house of St. Dupont. This year marks the launching of this brand of luxurious, exquisite and exotic fragrance. The combination of oud and santal, both are expensive wood resins, that are used as material for the oud and lute musical instruments are perfectly blended.

Oud et Santal Perfume S.T Dupont

      Oud et Santal Perfume is reminiscent of the old glorious days of the Eastern monarchy replete with the lavishness and exquisite lifestyles of the old kingdom in the Eastern world.  This is an adorable, pleasing and romantic fragrance that is strongly a wooden accord from the Abeer oud and Abeer sandalwood with the aromatic incense burning that exudes the mystery of the old world.  Oud et Santal belongs to the long list of St. Dupont’s luxurious collections of compleat perfumery from the high-ends of Paris.

      Who can expect that St. Dupont could come up with a unique, deluxe and plush fragrance with the ethnicity of the tribal community of Asian region, which is simply irresistible and alluring?  Wearing this fragrance is comforting for it makes you refreshed and cooled to the max especially during sunny days.  The “wood of the Gods” has done so much magic to this classic scent that seems to be therapeutic and has the comnbination of the healing wonders of the Far East, the majestic setting of the Middle East and the meditative ambience of the Himalayas.

      The curative effects of the agarwood make you relaxed and calmed amid the hustle and bustle of city life.  If you are surrounded with emotional vampires, wear this fragrance for it is a stress-reliever and immune booster. Oud et Santal Perfume S. T Dupont can last for a long time and the sillage is moderate. Its smell is pleasing even if you have been sweating profusely.

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