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Ernest Beaux had the flair for beauty and fine taste. This was evident on the creation of one of the world’s famous perfume, Chanel N°5. During his prime, Beaux was commissioned by French fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheur Chanel to create perfume samples which came in two series namely sample 1 to 5 and sample 20 to 24. Based on her personal preference, Coco Chanel chose sample number 5 which she named as Chanel N°5 and introduced it on May 5, 1921. To boost the perfume’s marketability, Chanel got the services of famous actress Marilyn Monroe whose statement that she slept with some drops of this scent had catapulted the success of the advertising campaign which attracted women from all generations and races to wear this classic perfume. The complexity of this fine aldehydic fragrance has made it a unique women’s companion in the sense that its fragrant ingredients from the top to base don’t mix up with its entire composition. Unlike some fragrances where you can distinguish the smell of the floral notes from other ingredients, but with Chanel N°5, it does not do the same.

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Upon opening its pretty flacon that is reminiscent of the Place Vendome, you will sniff the aldehydic composition which matches well with the effervescent ylang-ylang, yellow lemon, neroli and bergamot.   Middle compositions are typical floral combination of beautiful garden blooms such as iris, lily of the valley, rose and jasmine. It gives off a dry down of musky and woody scents from the amber, sandalwood, fresh vetiver, aromatic vanilla and patchouli.

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Many women believe that wearing this timeless fragrance exudes sexiness and sophistication, just like Monroe and Nicole Kidman; both women are endeared by their animalistic appeal. Beaux got the idea of formulating this most saleable perfume from the frozen sceneries of the Arctic Circle and when he came back to Paris, he vowed to create a lovable and powdery fragrance to fascinate men with ladies who will wear this ethereal fresh scent. Wearing this captivating and long lasting frag is not limited to adult women because Chanel N°5 can fit to any age and skin type.

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